Monday, February 7, 2011

What Apple has given us.

Hey again.
got some fun/weird stuff here.

So, Apple.. I hate them.. I hate iPod, iPhone, iPad and iWhatnot.
They are ridicoulously overpriced.. I just don't understand why people buy those products.. I know some student studying economics and different sub-subjects (?).. Point is, they all have products from apple.. iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad. everything.. I suck at economics and math in general, but at least i'm smart enough to know that you can get a much better PC for under half the price of what apple charges.. Feel free to prove me wrong, but i know you can't.. and don't give me crap like "the service is better" or "the software is more compatible with the hardware" or some whit like that.. Because that's just not true.. Only thing good about Apple is all the fun stuff happening in their stores, lol.. take a look:

I love Apple for exactly this reason, not anything else. Be smart, don't buy a mac..

I'm changing everything, again.
     - Nick the Nerf