Saturday, February 5, 2011

Let's get serious.

I've actually wanted to make a blog for quite some time now, and now that I've done that. I'll probably be posting junk that no one want's to read anyways (Me in a nutshell). But I'll definitely try to keep some of you interested.

Just to get things started I'll post a song I made (Along with the video). So check it out.

It took me quite a few pictures, but the result is kinda cool, so it's worth it!



  1. Wow, you did this? Well done.

  2. Yes, I did. Considering I spent one day for the song itself, and one day for the video, I'm kinda satisfied with the result.

  3. Awesome! Those are some nice photos not to mention the music.

    Following and supporting :)

  4. You made that song? That's not bad at all! :)
    And I love the concept for the video! :)
    Following and supporting!

  5. nice, you really have alot of music potential, I wouldn't be surprised if I hear you on the radio one day :)

  6. Well I think I will enjoy following you.
    Keep up the awesome posts.
    Hopefully you'll click around on my blog as much as I will yours.