Sunday, February 20, 2011


As the title says; I'm clueless. The first thing I'm clueless about is what i'm gonna write on this blogg. I got quite a few things I could write about, but I'd also want to write about something that people wanna hear about.
The second thing is what the next step in life is. I currently study music and I still want to study/"do" music. It's just that I don't know how and where. Any suggestions would be awesome.

providing teh music!
this song is from a local band called Gail as in gail. The song is called Them Eyes.. It's a beautiful song


  1. Studying music is a difficult thing, to really know where to go is also difficult. The best thing to do is put yourself out there and make friends in the right places. Connections are key.

  2. lol dont worry aobut what we want to read, post sumthing that is entertaining or informative ~ that ur comforatble with