Thursday, February 10, 2011


This my friends, is my fifth day without smoking! I'm so proud of myself. I've been smoking for many years now, and it feels great not smoking. Are you guys smoking?

On another note. A friend of mine made this event on facebook.. If 2011 people join, he will walk around the commune where I come from. Feel free to make him walk:
It's not that great of a distance, but it's 4,5 european miles and 28 american miles (If i'm not greatly mistaking).
Anyways; this is just for shits and giggles.

I can't make a post without providing some sort of lulz. So I chose this great website:

This guy is really hilarious. On that website, he puts up alot of different conversation over e-mail and letters. Choose the article you want to read on the right and have yourself som laughs. I really liked the one with the pie charts. And "Missing Missy" is a fairly viral one. Actually, every article he's put up is hilarious. It's a bit of reading, but totally worth it.

- Nick the Nerf


  1. thx for sharing that awesome website.. laughed about 5mins when I read Missing Missy xD

  2. I actually don't smoke because I'm an asthmatic, but still it helps me to stay away from it and regarding your lulz worthy link, I love David Thorn I always get a kick when I find any of his stuff, there was one where he got into an argument with his sons pastor something of the like either way it's pretty damn funny.